| Different requirements call for specialised solutions |

The Textile Service requirements in the operating theatre, on wards and in residential areas vary widely. The work procedures and services in the various sectors differ greatly.

The LEO SYSTEM therefore offers three specialised modules: LEO SYSTEM Tex for wards and residential areas, LEO SYSTEM Med for the operating theatre, and LEO SYSTEM Care for the handling of residents’ own personal laundry.

In each sector the LEO SYSTEM excels due to its special qualifications: the products and materials used, reprocessing and repair, logistics, accounting and management of the service.

| Meeting individual needs |

The flexible components and various levels of service mean that the LEO SYSTEM can meet your individual demands:

The three system modules, as well as the individual products and services, are put together specifically for your facility and are combined to offer an economical overall solution.

Selected materials, functional products and reliable service always ensure a high level of customer service.

| A flexible system means quick reactions |

The clearly defined service system means that your Textile Service is always transparent. Consumption and costs can also be tracked in detail – and developments recognised at an early stage. If your needs change the necessary adjustments can be quickly assessed and appropriate measures taken.

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