The Textile Service for the ward and residential area

| LEO SYSTEM Tex eases some of your daily workload |

On the ward and in the residential area looking after and caring for patients and residents is the number one priority. Concentrating on core competences means that non-care activities need to be efficiently organised.

The Textile Service must therefore be clearly integrated into the medical and care working procedures. A reliable service and practical products can offer the nursing staff and carers additional support and make their day-to-day work easier.

| A service to suit your needs |

LEO SYSTEM Tex supplies all the textile products needed on the ward and in residential areas – bed linen, children’s textile needs and uniforms for nursing staff and carers.

Reliable logistic concepts, ordering and delivery systems ensure that the items are always available for use at the right time and at the agreed location.

Working hand in hand with your facility, your LEO system consultant will determine your individual needs in order to work out the level of service required and the appropriate items. This ongoing and expert support means that action can be taken promptly if your requirements change, and it also ensures the best possible service in the long term.

| The right product for your individual needs |

The LEO SYSTEM Tex product range covers bed linen and towelling products, children’s textile needs and kitchen textiles, medical anti-embolism stockings and special products for incontinence care.

LEO SYSTEM Tex also has functional uniforms and working clothes available for all sectors of the healthcare and welfare system.

These products have been developed to make work easier and ensure user comfort on a day-to-day basis. For instance, ward textiles excel because they are quick and simple to use. The uniforms and working clothes offer a high level of wearer comfort and functionality for all the different work situations.

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