Textile Service for surgical wards

| LEO SYSTEM Med offers approved safety standards and the highest level of comfort during all surgical procedures |

From the preparation of the surgical procedure, right through until the patient wakes up – for work in the operating theatre quick and exact procedures are vital. Every phase of the work must be reliable and guarantee the safety of the surgical team and the patient.

The supply of textile medical devices is therefore a demanding challenge: all hygienic regulations must be complied at all times. The working rhythm of the surgical team also determines when the textile products must be available. To ensure the smooth running of the operation all the products needed must be available to the team at exactly the right moment.

| You can rely on us |

LEO SYSTEM Med provides a qualified Textile Service for the surgical wards, contributing to the safety of each surgical procedure:

Durable materials to meet different requirements offer reliable safety during the entire operation. Carefully developed products accelerate the smooth preparation of the surgical procedure. Carefully conceived and developed services ensure accurate logistics.

Together with your facility the trained medical device consultants will determine the best possible supply of textiles tailored to your needs – from the choice and combination of sets for specific surgical procedures to working out the logistic details.

| We cover your needs |

The LEO SYSTEM Med range comprises all the textile products and medical devices which are needed in the operating theatre and other non-bed departments – including garments, drapes and gowns, warm-touch covers and –devices.

LEO SYSTEM Med supplies products with the right material qualities required for all different kinds of surgical procedures, ensuring that a safe and economical solution is found.

The LEO SYSTEM Med products are the result of intensive development, working together with users, manufacturers and research institutes. These products therefore stand out due to the high level of functionality and comfort during use.

| Quality and safety due to validated processes |

The qualified reprocessing of the textile medical devices is carried out in your LEO system partner’s facility, using validated processes in controlled environments.

Different monitoring systems ensure that the strict hygiene requirements demanded of the reprocessing procedures are always conformed with.

The LEO team plays an active role in the committees of the medical device legislation and international standardisation. This means that today LEO SYSTEM Med is well prepared for the demands of tomorrow.

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